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Canberra: NEW telephone number and system from Thursday 26 September 2019

New telephone system and number for Canberra Old Oak Surgery – improving your service from Thursday 26th September 2019 at 12pm

Dear Patients,

Your feedback is very important to us, and is helping to improve and shape the care that we deliver at Canberra Old Oak Surgery.

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We know from the experiences that you have shared with us that you are unsatisfied with the current telephone system, and that you can often be on hold for quite some time, as well as sometimes experience disconnection whilst in conversation with one of our team members.

We have been working hard with the current telephone system provider, and earlier this year we took the firm decision to change telephony provider, as we do not consider the current system to be fit-for-purpose having explored all possible options for its improvement.

From Thursday 26th September 2019 at 12pm, the new number for Canberra Old Oak Surgery will be 0207 062 6320. The new number is part of a brand new telephone system that we have invested in for our patients, and this is designed to provide you with an improved service, thank you for your patience during the change and sorry for any inconvenience you may experience in adjusting to the new number.

The current number (020 3313 9010) cannot be transferred to us, and will instead play a permanent message stating:

“Please note, the number for Canberra Old Oak Surgery has now changed. The new number is 0207 062 6320, that’s 0207 062 6320. Please store this new number. Your call will not be diverted.”

If you have any queries or concerns and would like to write to us, please email us on, thank you.